Model: Valor (Rat Rod Style)


True grit on wheels.

Influenced by the fearlessness, courage and dedication of our brave soldiers, STRAE’s Valor was built to pay tribute to those who protect our country.

Rehabilitation, responsiveness and resilience were at the forefront when designing the Valor. The low 22” transfer height makes getting on-and-off of the bike comfortable, dignified and easy. Meanwhile, the highly adjustable slide seating system and Knuckle Joint Steering provide top-notch adjustability and handling.

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Components & Options

  • Black, powder-coated Chromoly frame
  • Knuckle Joint Steering System
  • Shimano alloy cranks
  • Standard three-speed drive
  • 20" Red alloy rims
  • Front V-brake
  • Rear disc brake
  • Lock/Unlock steering
  • Heavy-duty chain guard
  • Optional cable-actuated Rear Steer™
  • Several high-gear drive options available

Additional Details

  • Transfer height of 22″ (with seat)
  • Highly adjustable seating system with over 7″ of forward/backward movement
  • Adjustable seat angle of 0-10°
  • High-ratio, side-to-side steering that multiplies steering movements
  • Ability to customize brake lever position
  • Weight capacity of 225lbs
  • Handlebars are easily-adjustable with quick release devices
  • Accommodates a wide range of leg lengths – inseam range of 19″-34″
  • Semi-recumbent position provides extra power for individuals with a limited range of motion
  • Call us to learn how you can customize your Valor even further